Welcome to Past Forward

Past Forward: personal memoirs and institutional histories

The Past Forward team is ready to work with you. Award-winning veteran reporter Taylor Sisk sits with you for three or four casual conversations about your life and legacy – the historical, the anecdotal, the treasured memories. He then writes the story using your words and in your voice. Next, our designers, Maxine Mills and Tremayne Cryer, choose images from your archives – documents, photos, illustrations – to help tell your story and lay it all out in book form.

The result is a beautifully written and bound edition.

Click here to learn more.

While most of our clients want to tell their personal stories for family, Past Forward also can help you create:

  • Autobiographies of retiring founders, board members and long-time employees
  • Compendia of lessons learned
  • Corporate and organizational histories

Click here to see samples of our work.

Past Forward can help you tell your story. Contact us today.

Let your memories live on.

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