Working with Us

Past Forward makes it easy for you to tell your story. We handle the entire process from start to finish. All you have to do is share your story with us and do a few reviews. Our team takes care of the rest.

The entire process takes 5 to 10 weeks, depending on production requirements and your availability. Here’s how it works:

  1. We schedule a series of three to five two-hour conversations with Taylor so you can convey your story.
  2. He then creates a cohesive story using your own words and your own voice. Typically, a draft is produced for your review within three weeks.
  3. We provide two editorial review opportunities.
  4. Once the copy is approved, Maxine begins the design process. Using images and documents you provide, she lays out your story in book form.
  5. We provide two design review opportunities.
  6. Our proofreader makes one final pass, and then we’re ready to produce your books!
  7. The timeframe for print production is entirely dependent on the length of your book and the quantity you want produced.

Just want to capture the stories without the book? We’re happy to do the interviews and provide you with a transcript.

Ready to go? Want to learn more? Click here to email us!


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